8Cap MT5 Trading Contest - Forex Challenge (RAW Majors ONLY)

Hello and welcome to the 8Cap Trading Contest - The Forex Challenge (RAW Majors ONLY).

8 Cash Prizes -Trade Demo, Win a Real Prize :fire:

Total prize pool: $1,400 - Total prizes: 8
Before joining the 8Cap Trading Contest, please read the contest rules .

:man_office_worker: Contest broker : Eightcap
:desktop_computer: MT5 Contest server : Eightcap-Demo
:dollar: Starting equity : $1,000
:stopwatch: Contest starts : Sep 11th - Ends : Sep 15th
:date: Contest duration : 1 week
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Maximum trades : 25
:robot: EA trading : EAs NOT Allowed
:balance_scale: Maximum leverage : 200:1
:bar_chart: Peak to valley max DD : 30%
:dart: Instruments : RAW Majors ONLY - trades on other symbols (BTC/USD, US30, XTI/USD, etc), will not count toward your performance.
:moneybag: Cash prizes : 8 : $400 - $300 - $200 - $100x5

Please visit our FAQs page to find the answers to:

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Please feel free to post issues, concerns, likes, or just chat with other participants.
If you have any issues with registration, please chat with our β€œ24/5 Live Chat ” customer support team.

Thank you and good luck :fire:

Hello traders!

You asked for it, and here it is!!!
Another superb MT5 contest, sponsored by Eightcap!

Please note that the Eightcap contest:

  1. Is not available to ASIC clients and this is reflected in the T&Cs.
  2. It’s strictly in relation to demo accounts.
  3. There is no suggestions or incentives to users to open a live account.

Registrations are now open, good luck traders! :fire: :rocket:

Great! Love these trading contest, pity I can’t full participate as I’m a swing trader. Sometimes the week ends with no single trade setup from my system.
Any longer duration contests in the future?

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Hi there @selebalo.mopelo :wave:
Yes, as a matter of fact, we are considering doing also monthly contests!
Stay tuned! :fire:

Good luck and happy trading :rocket:

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Great stuff! Can’t wait.:v::v::v:


Will there be indices challenge?

What are these competition for? I mean what is your benefits with these all? Is it a promotion or something?

What is the minimum lot size we can use?

Hi there @ikennathompson360 :wave: and welcome to the forum!

Yes, we often do competitions with Indices only trading.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi there @rtlmega.123 :wave:
And welcome to the forum!

These competitions exist for 2 reasons:
a) broker brand awareness - a way of advertising the broker’s spreads, trading platforms, etc.
b) to promote better trading education - traders can learn in a funny (and safe) way how money management works, etc.

The contests are sponsored by different brokers, and hosted by us, as the technology partner.
The contests are free to join, no fees to be paid, and the cash prizes are paid between 3-5 working days after contest ends.

Hope that helps, happy trading :pray: :rocket:

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Hi there @tomanagebuisness73 and welcome to the forum! :wave: :pray:

It varies from contest to contest.
The main factors influencing it is the starting balance and leverage ration.
Try our lot size calculator here: Lot Size Calculator (Position Size)