Contest 70 - FP Markets Commodities Competition


Hello and welcome to the 26th demo trading contest of 2023, sponsored by FP Markets:
Before joining, please read the contest rules .

:stopwatch: Contest starts : Oct 9th - Ends: Oct 13th
:date: Contest duration : 1 week
:man_office_worker: Sponsor broker : FP Markets
:desktop_computer: Contest server : FPMarkets-Demo
:dollar: Starting equity : $100
:balance_scale: Max leverage : 500:1
:bar_chart: Peak to valley max DD : 60%
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Max trades : 20
:robot: EA trading : EAs NOT ALLOWED
:dart: Instruments : COMMODITIES ONLY - trades on other symbols (EUR/USD, BTC/USD, US30, etc), will not count toward your performance.
:moneybag: Cash prizes : 5: $500 - $200 - $150 - $100 - $50

Please visit our FAQs page to find the answers to:

:point_right:t2: JOIN NOW!!! :point_left:t2:

Please feel free to post issues, concerns, likes, or just chat with other participants.

Thank you and good luck ! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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Make sure to register and trade for a chance to win a $500 cash prize!!!
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I’m in :sparkling_heart:… I’m in :sparkling_heart:… I’m in :sparkling_heart:… I’m in :sparkling_heart:… I’m in :sparkling_heart:

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Hello , i couldn’t join , asking me to insert my email and i can’t find where to insert my email

Hello @ezekieltobi738 welcome to the forum :wave:

That’s strange - I don’t think you have to insert the email to join the contest.
The only place where email is needed is when logging into the website.
Can you please provide a screenshot with the issue?
Thanks :pray:

What is XRBUSD ? I am not getting on platform trading.
I am Opening Trading by XBRUSD, and my Opening Trade throwed to Bin.
Please handle this issue immediately.

Thanks and Regards

hi there @nimasahwadi welcome to our forum!

Can you please provide an image of the issue?
XBRUSD is UK OIL vs USD - and you can find it here:

Thank you and good luck :slight_smile:

Sir i open double trades like 25 lot buy and 25 lot sell and again open 15 lots buy and close 25 lot sell and profit trades running 40 lots buy sir its any problem agains yours rules or i not disqualified please tell me

Hi there @qwerty150125!

Hedging is allowed, but very risky. Hedging is not against the rules, but can cause a margin call very quickly, and hit the max DD.

Good luck :slight_smile:

There is no doubt others started with greater capital of or balance

You can check trading history for any competitor in the contest. Including any balance transactions. Just click on the contest account in the rankings. If you find a competitor that started with higher than $100 balance you can report it to us.

This is confusing…number 1 Hassan , his equity is 939 but his balance 207$ …how did he get a very high equity?

Unlike balance, equity takes into account currently open positions. Balance and equity are equal only when all trades are closed.

EVEN WHEN i try adding`there is no option to do so only this as shown in picture are shown below

admin please check account 146819 and 145814, both accounts close and open
trades same time. possible opposite position from same person.

i mark with same color

Hello Sujithnaik,

To add a symbol to your list please right click in the Markets Watch window of your MT4, in the menu that pops-up select “symbols”. In the following menu select an instrument that you want to add and click “Show”. If you require further assistance please contact us through Live chat we are online Sunday 17:00 - Friday 17:00 (New York time)

Hello Samasaya868, thank you for reporting your concern. This information will be passed on to the team that will be reviewing activity of the winners after the contest’s end. We always review activity of the winners before we finalize the results.