Developing And Maintaining An Active Trade Plan

As captioned let us share related ideas on how we may reap the continued daily benefits of same. To this end kindly see the diagram below. It is hoped that both Seasoned traders as well as newly minted will participate and be blessed.

Hi there RC!

After many hours of work, you finally did it!
Amazing job! Everything listed is so important, but, personally, A & B for me are key: a good MM plan and the right market to trade!

Hope we can all contribute with more feedback and personal experiences to this great topic!
Blessings. :slight_smile:

  • Angelus
That's great.hope this is very useful
Hi RC, nice to see an update!

I would like to add to this effort some very, very, very important tools, such as the position size calculator and the margin calculator, both, in my opinion, very valuable for any solid trading plan!

I personally consider a good money management plan of the account's equity, as in your point A, one of the key factors to survive in trading. Thus, to avoid opening positions that could seriousl risk the account equity, good calculators are a must.

- Angelus
You are Welcome, Sir Angelus.

Hope others will find this useful and feel free to adapt to their respective Trading Strategies.

The attached file can be saved under a different name so desired mods. can me made.

Just a reminder to keeep it SIMPLE and inline with their personal preferences. These two are critical conditions to having a useful Plan that a future consistently profitable trader can apply/ follow each and every day (per trade)..

Bless! RC
GD All,
kindly invest some time in the following Video: "" presentation by
Dr David Paul - The Psychology of Trading & Investing.
I found it in valuable, having listened Once then Twice, then Taking pivotal notes .. Single Letter size leaf.

Seek out the gems relating to avoiding the realization: of the Risk of Ruin, in one's Trading System.. + The Encouragement that Each Trader can be just 8 to 13 DECIPLINED TRADES away, from being being the consistently profitable trader they can become:

Just Need to Commit to the REAL WoRK of being able to follow the rules of your simplified trading system (Embodied in a Personalized Trading Plan as here, suggested), with rigorous discipline, . .Through Thick and THin :-).

Accept this Challenge and succeed, In Jesus' Name. Amen!

& Be Blessed!