How They Win the Contests

This is the winner of contests 48. He needed only 2 trading days.


Wow! That is impressive!

I guess a combination of entering the market on the right moment and good money management is very important to succeed?
Very impressive!

  • Angelus
The winner candidate of contest #50

What can we learn from these pictures.
The second winner candidate of contest#50 trade on news, didn't he.
Very impressive Irwan! Great "detective" work! :thumb:

So, we can conclude that to win you don't have to trade every minute, right?

- Angelus
Yes Angelus, exactlly. We can also learn from them that we don't have to trade from the earlly beginning.
Winner I Candidate Contest #51

Once again, this winner I candidate shows that to win in this contest we don't have to trade full time every day.
He traded only 2 trading days, Wednesday and Friday. In fact, on Wednesday, he already made a lot of profit, with an equity of 5,182.75 USD. As for him trading on Friday, which is the last day, just to beat his rivals.
What's interesting is that he opened several buy positions that should have been profitable, but instead opened sell positions and allowed the buy positions to become a loss, even though they were covered by the sell positions with large lots.
Winner I Candidate

very nice investigative work! beautiful

Hi, back again.
I will show the trading chart of the winner of the ICM Traders Cup event 13 contest which took place from 4 to 9 September 2023.
He only trades for 2 trading days, namely Wednesday and Friday. Calculated trades totaled 42, 22 trades on the first day and the remaining 20 trades on the second day.
The 22 trades on the first day were opened at adjacent times from 20:08 - 20:37 server time, and with the first trade using lot 7.7.
So guys, no need to rush to open positions. You will definitely win if you are destined to win.

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Very nice way of illustrating it!
Yep, there’s more than just “pure luck” - sometimes if you wait for the right moment and go all in, you can indeed win a contest!

Nice job @eastwood! :pray: