IC MARKETS CUP - contest 12 (HK50 Challenge)

Hello and welcome to the 12th round of the IC Markets $100,000 Traders Cup.

:fire::fire:NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED, PRIZES PAID IN CASH!!!:fire::fire:

The Traders Cup will be 18 demo trading contests: 17 rounds with $70,000 in cash prizes and a Final round.
Winners plus 10 runners-up from each round will advance to the Final and compete for a $30,000 prize pool.

Total prize pool: $100,000 - Total prizes: 520
Before joining the IC Markets Traders Cup, please read the contest rules .

:man_office_worker: Contest broker : IC Markets
:desktop_computer: Contest server : ICMarketsSC-Demo01
:dollar: Starting equity : $1,000
:stopwatch: Contest starts : Aug 21st - Ends : Aug 25th
:date: Contest duration : 1 week
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Maximum trades : 60
:robot: EA trading : EAs NOT Allowed
:balance_scale: Maximum leverage : 200:1
:bar_chart: Peak to valley max DD : 30%
:dart: Instruments : HK50 ONLY - trades on other symbols (BTC/USD, EUR/USD, US30, XAU/USD, etc), will not count toward your performance.
:moneybag: Cash prizes : 20 : $1,000 - $600 - $350 - $200 - $100 - $50x15

Please visit our FAQs page to find the answers to:

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Please feel free to post issues, concerns, likes, or just chat with other participants.
If you have any issues with registration, please chat with our “24/5 Live Chat ” customer support team.

Thank you and good luck :fire:

admin check account 126833 and 126929, both accounts close trades same time. possible opposite position from same person.

another strange in game, look at rank 1[5323] and 2[5228] point difference less than 100 but both didn’t trades in last minutes game. admin need do investigation for that. it’s potential same person, if they are different person they will fight for first place.

hey frendo
Do you seriously think I don’t want to rank 1? I planned to open a position towards the close of the contest, but you know what. The HK market was already closed when I was going to open a position when the contest was less than 30 minutes.

Hello guys! :wave:

Yes, the HK50 Challenge is over and we are currently validating the results (normally takes 3-5 business days).

Please be patient and let our Sherlocks do their job, no stone will be unturned.
Any attempt to cheat the system by a trader/winner, will result in trader being DQ and losing the prize.

Results will be confirmed soon, stay tuned.
Thanks and happy trading :pray:

Ladies & Gents - ICM Cup round 12 results are now verified :fire:

The rankings are now final and updated: https://www.cashbackforex.com/contests/64?tab=contest-rankings

If you are a winner, please make sure that you have a verified payment method in your profile so we can pay you your cash prize!

…and congratulations to all winners! :rocket: